Disability for Dementia

Disability for Dementia

How to Gain Disability Benefits for Dementia? What is dementia and how does it affect people? This is the question that might be lingering in your mind. The people affected by dementia decline in concentration, memory, learning, and understanding of language. These people are often eligible for getting disability benefits if they meet the requirements set […]

Can You Get Disability For Anxiety?

Social anxiety and other anxiety disorders are socially limiting, and at worst can make it impossible to function in normal relationships or employment. An anxiety disorder is a mental illness in which intense feelings of worry and fear influence daily behavior. Many people experience stress and anxiety in their daily lives, but an anxiety disorder […]

Can You Get Disability for Diabetes?

Uncontrolled diabetes and associated symptoms such as peripheral neuropathy or poor vision can qualify a person for Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits. Although well-controlled diabetes with medication may not be enough to support a successful application, most people with diabetes also have other related medical issues that limit their ability to function normally. Diabetes […]