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James Miller Attorney
Maybe life has not gone quite the way you expected. But, life still goes forward. So, the question is what to do now. I meet people in some of life’s most challenging circumstances. It is my privilege to be engaged in the representation of people before the Social Security Administration.

Social Security can be one of the toughest agencies to deal with on a good day. When a person has been compromised by health and financial issues, it can be a real frustration. I count it a privilege to step into that gap and be of service.

My name is Jim Miller and I represent people applying for Social Security disability benefits. For 18 years, as part of my work, I was a vocational expert at Social Security disability hearings. Since 1998 I have worked as a non-attorney representative dealing with the SSA at all levels of the process including the hearings.

I Am Ready to Work for You Today

Most of my work is in the greater Chicago area. But, I have handled cases in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Tampa, Brooklyn, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc. I am a member of the National Association of Disability Representatives.

You pay nothing unless we win!

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