I grew up in a small town in Indiana. I went to Minnesota Bible College as did all of my brothers and my sister. It’s a good school and is now called Crossroads College. It is located in Rochester, Minnesota. I completed my graduate work at Mankato State University in Rehabilitation Counseling. Since 1980, I have worked around the SSA disability claims process as a vocational expert or non-attorney representative.I do enjoy this work and feel blessed to get a chance to be of service. When I am not at work I am thankful for family, church, reading, and do wish there was more time to fish, especially in Minnesota. Usually I am a Sox fan and sometimes I am a Bulls fan. Other times I sort of keep my distance so I can get a running start to jump on the band wagon.

I wish you well in selecting a representative. Of course I’d be honored to be considered and to talk with you. There are many good non-attorney representatives and attorneys as well. There are large operations and small operations. Whoever you select, find someone you trust, someone who is very capable, someone who is reliable, and someone who is available.

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