Importance of having a non-attorney representative

Individuals who suffer from a physical or mentally disabling condition that prevents them from performing any type of work can file a social security disability claim. Most of the disabled claimants find it extremely challenging to execute the disability application process alone, and therefore, they get in touch with a professional social security disability lawyer. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) allows a disabled applicant to choose anyone as a non-attorney representative, be it a friend or a family member to represent him or her before the SSA.


Who can be a non-attorney representative?

A trustworthy individual who helps an applicant file the disability application accurately, gather substantial medical evidence, appeal to a denied claim, and represent the claimant before the SSA can be a Non-Lawyer Representative. An individual does not need to have any formal legal training to serve in this role. However, they must meet the qualifying requirements as specified by the SSA. If a disabled applicant has no one to rely on, he or she can get in touch with an organization that boasts experienced professionals who can play the role of a non attorney representative.

What are the essential requirements of SSA?

The Social Security Administration allows a claimant to choose any trustworthy and reputable individual or Non-Lawyer Representative Oak Lawn to represent him or her at the court. However, fulfilling the requirements of the SSA is imperative for representing an applicant. The following information provides key elements that one should meet to in order to successfully qualify as anon- attorney representative.

1. The claimant has to mention in writing that he or she is consciously appointing a specific individual as a representative, and both the  claimant and the representative must sign the written document using the SSA’s Form 1696.

2. In order to serve as a non-attorney representative an individual must provide proof that they have a bachelor’s degree or, they must Possess equivalent qualifications.

3.  A representative must pass a written examination conducted by the Social Security Administration before getting the SSA’s approval to represent a claimant.

4.  It is a prerequisite for a representative to secure professional liability insurance or something similar.

5.  The SSA conducts a rigorous checking process to ensure that the representative is not connected to any criminal case.

Since a claimant suffers from severe disabilities, having a reliable and qualified individual to help them with their disability benefit application is a wise option. An individual who is knowledgeable can assist in effectively managing their application process and ultimately help them to receive benefits. Consider getting in touch with a Non-Attorney Representative Oak Lawn, who boasts years of experience and rich expertise in providing quality assistance and securing financial compensation for a disabled applicant.

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