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Are you a person living with a disability? Are you facing acute challenges because of your disability? If so, knowing how to attain disability benefits can help. Individuals with disabilities might be facing everyday challenges that must be very difficult. 

However, these individuals can be better equipped to face all of these challenges if they know how to get the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and perks from Supplemental Security Income (SSI). You may be of a certain perception that social security law is very complicated and, the reality is, that it can be truly difficult to tackle. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a Social Security disability attorney. 

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Process of Applying for SSDI/SSI Benefits in  Joliet, IL

The overall process for applying for the SSDI/SSI benefits is somewhat tough as the applicants are required to submit the detailed and complete information in a precise manner. If the applicants can accurately present all the required information, only then will the application be accepted. Although, the individuals must not be discouraged if the initial application gets rejected. 

They have to find a way for a more complex process as they have to again apply where their application will be reconsidered. The applicant must be completed very carefully so that they do not make any mistakes because that may lead to delay in the whole process. Any mistake or omission in the documentation can lead to denial of the SSDI/SSI benefits or a substantial delay in obtaining SSDI/SSI benefits.

If you are initially denied, then do not feel dejected as you can attain disability benefits by the appeals process. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The claimant is required to apply for reconsideration
  • The claimant has to file a request before the administrative law judge for a hearing
  • The claimant has to choose witnesses and prepare them for hearing
  • The claimant should prepare himself for the hearing
  • You should also be fully prepared to answer all the questions put forth by the administrative law judge along with preparing a closing argument. 

If your disability lawyer in Joliet IL thinks that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has wrongly denied you benefits, then he or she can help you in many different ways. 

Various rules and guidelines specified to fill the Social Security disability application process can be quite unclear and can puzzle the claimant who might be unfamiliar with the overall programs for disabled people. However, the complete process can be made easier if you hire an experienced and capable disability lawyers in Joliet IL. Attorneys who are knowledgeable in the Social Security Disability field will be more likely to guide disabled people residing in Joliet, Illinois whether they qualify for disability benefits or not. 

The disability attorney can assist you in how to obtain disability benefits. The attorneys represent their clients making disability claims and help them in presenting them in front of the Social Security Administration. After learning about the complete process of attaining the benefits, let’s have a glance at the necessary criteria required for a claimant to qualify for social security disability.

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    Necessary Criteria Required to Qualify for Disability in Joliet, IL

    A person may qualify for Social Security disability if he or she meets the following criteria:

    • The claimant is suffering from a serious physical or mental impairment which is listed in the Social Security Disability listing. Although, if someone’s impairment is not mentioned in the listing, then there is an option that your impairment is accepted if you determine it medically and it is also causing work hindrance which you did before any impairment. Along with this, it must also be determined that, considering your situation, age, education, and work experience, you are not able to execute any other work. 
    • Your impairment is lasting for 12 or more than 12 months in continuation and your doctor is stating that your condition will last for long.
    • Owing to your impairment, you are also not able to take part in any activity which can give you substantial gains.

    The services of a disability lawyer in Joliet IL can motivate the claimant and will be able to answer all the queries put forth by SSA. This will likely increase his or her chances of approval of the benefits by SSA. 

    Social security attorney Joliet in IL helps in assisting the claimants in the entire process till they obtain disability benefits from SSA. This will help the disabled people of Joliet IL to get financial stability. 

    If you are suffering from any disability and require Social Security benefits, then you can contact a disability attorney. We will help guide you in assessing whether your claim has any strength or not, how your case can be taken in the appeals process, and how you can attain social security benefits.