When to Hire a Disability Attorney in Bloomington, IL

Searching for some experienced lawyers to help you with legal problems? Then, you have come to the right place as you are consulting one of the finest disability lawyers in Bloomington IL that will indeed help give you the best solution. The disability lawyer can represent individuals at various levels required in the process of Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  

The social security office in Bloomington, IL is mainly concerned with guiding the disabled individuals with initial applications, functioning of the reports, and in all the appeals which include Request for hearing, Request for Reconsideration, and how to file appeals in front of the Appeals Council. Let’s take a deep dive into the overall process of Social Security.

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The Process of Social Security in Bloomington, IL

You must remember that the process of Social Security begins at the initial level. Now, you must be curious to know what happens at the initial level. Let’s tell you. The claimant applies to all Social Security benefits he or she gets. Once you complete the forms, a telephonic interview or in-person interview follows which takes place with the Social Security Administration in Bloomington IL. 

The next step which you need to follow is to file an adult function report or function report-adult which forms a very crucial part of the entire process. Therefore, it is advised that you must consult one of the Social Security offices in Bloomington, IL. The skilled attorney working there considers and checks all your documents before you submit them before social security administration. You must be wondering why we are stressing about taking guidance from an attorney. 

It is because it is very essential that whatever documents and forms you send to the Social Security Administration are up to the mark. Although, it may seem to you like just a simple form and you might believe that you can easily fill it without anyone’s help yet, these documents form a very important part of getting your benefits approved by the social security administration.  

The Social Security Administration makes its decision based on these documents that a claimant submits. Therefore, your benefits depend largely on these documents. It is recommended that your documents be thoroughly reviewed so that there are little to no chance of bugs in the submitted documents. If you want someone who would look into your documents from a legal point of view, then Contact a disability attorney

Request for Reconsideration

Suppose, in your case, the documents got rejected. There is then a procedure for reconsideration which you can follow. In this situation, the first step where you have to begin with is the request for reconsideration. You must remember that a claimant usually has 65 days from the date of denial to file the appeal again. The appeal will comprise of following documents:

  • Medical releases of the claimant
  • Request for reconsideration
  • A disability statement

It is highly suggested that the claimant file his or her request for reconsideration within the suitable time duration. The disability lawyer in  Bloomington, IL can guide you in the right direction regarding this.

Request for Hearing in Bloomington, IL

In the worst-case scenario, let’s assume that your request for reconsideration is also denied. Do not get discouraged. Let’s tell you how to proceed further. The next step is that you have to file a request for a hearing. The time duration for filing a request for a hearing is again 65 days from the date of the denial by social security. If the claimant fails to file an appeal within the time duration allotted, then it can turn out to be disadvantageous for your case causing unnecessary delay. 

While submitting the request for the hearing form, you must take care that you submit the following documents:

  • Disabilities report
  • Medical releases

After sending all the documents to the Social Security Administration, the hearing takes place in front of the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The ALJ is considered a special judge who is responsible for only hearing claims regarding social security and they do not hear any cases regarding bankruptcy, criminal, or divorce. 

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    In the hearing, the judge asks a series of questions and, again, if you are consulting the right attorney then he or she can help by tellinh you about some of the questions a judge normally puts forth. You can have a meeting with your lawyer before a hearing takes place and discuss all the questions that you may come across during the Social Security hearing. 

    Along with the testimony, if you have any other evidence that would strengthen your claim, then you can present it before the judge. If you have hired an attorney, then he or she will prepare you on how to appear and present your claim before the judge. The claimant can also call for additional witnesses if required. Your disability lawyer will assist in preparing your witnesses accordingly for the hearing held by Social Security.

    To expedite the entire process of attaining the social security benefits, you can seek assistance from a well-known and experienced social security attorney

    You should consult the attorney who can provide you with all the necessary information regarding SSDI and SSI benefits along with appropriate guidance with the applications, hearings, and denials so that you can attain the benefits as soon as possible and get financial stability for you and your family.